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                  How scheduling can take the pain out of shutdowns and turnarounds

                  Shutdown and Turnaround optimisation

                  In our industry, there’s no getting away from shutdowns, turnarounds and outages. Up and downstream, on and offshore, every asset in the energy business will be subject to at least one potentially expensive STO sooner or later.

                  We might never look forward to them, but there are ways to minimise the disruption caused by stoppages. It comes down to scheduling.

                  It’s all in the timing

                  They say the essence of comedy is timing. The same’s true of project management for STOs - and it’s no laughing matter.

                  If you want to complete your STO in as short a time as possible, it might be tempting to simply throw more resources at the project. But precise time management can help you meet the deadline without necessarily blowing the budget on additional manpower and logistics.

                  Preparation is key. Capturing accurate information, managing scope of work and communicating with stakeholders long before the outage is scheduled to take place can all pay dividends. Start planning early enough, and you should be able to achieve your goals, even within an ambitious timing plan.

                  The mpower advantage

                  To achieve really precise scheduling you need to have all your information in one place, in real time, both at the planning stage and during implementation. Project management software can do this for you, and mpower from Monitor has been specifically developed and tailored to provide a shutdown and turnaround solution.

                  mpower for STO uses integrated dashboards to give you cost and performance information in a single comprehensive view. It saves you from compiling reports, as you can clearly see what actions have taken place and what remains to be done, and information can easily be shared with the entire team, as well as other stakeholders.

                  mpower supports efficient consolidation and management of the entire scope of work, including cost estimates and budgets. It links financial, scheduling and work package data on one dashboard, tracking actual incurred and accrued costs. And you can access all functionality from anywhere in the world, via the web.

                  Easy to implement

                  As with any new system, implementing mpower requires an investment in time. But as many of its features are designed specifically for the STO environment, it can be easily and quickly deployed on your project, even if work has already begun. And mpower for STO lets you leverage value from your existing investment, because it integrates seamlessly with popular software suites including SAP, Oracle E-business, IBM Maximo, Primavera and Microsoft Project.


                  25/02/2020 - Shutdown, Turnaround, Earned Value

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                  With mpower, you can integrate budgets with schedules and then track incurred, accrued and actual financial data.

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