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                  About Monitor
                  High Performance Project Cost Management

                  About Monitor

                  High performance cost management software
                  Monitor is a dedicated specialist company providing and implementing software, training and consultancy for project cost management. We’ve grown up alongside the oil and gas industries, which remain our main areas of business, but we’ve developed products and systems which can easily transfer to similar fields including construction, nuclear and mining.

                  Founded in 1987, we have offices in Aberdeen, Calgary, Houston and Perth where we are able to service clients anywhere in the world. Recent projects have seen us providing products, consultancy and training in Brunei, Trinidad and Nigeria as well as our key markets of Europe, North America and Australia.

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                  The high performance, fully integrated project cost management solution

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                  Fast Facts

                  Monitor training options cover our own software and a competency-based portfolio of courses covering other software and management systems.

                  Global Contacts

                  UK +44 1224 626622

                  USA +1 403 538 3194

                  CANADA +1 403 538 3194

                  AUSTRALIA +61 8 9278 2563



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