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                  New systems require change management. Our unique approach will ensure you derive the maximum benefit with the minimum of disruption for painless, straightforward and profitable implementation.

                  Our flagship software system, mpower, has been designed and developed to work seamlessly alongside other software products like Primavera for easy implementation. This ensures that you can continue to leverage value from earlier investment - and helps to make the entire implementation process straightforward and painless.

                  Our approach involves key users, realistic planning, clearly defined responsibilities, achievable timescales and optimum quality delivery. Above all it ensures that projects are controlled, focused and delivered.



                  The high performance, fully integrated project cost management solution

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                  We offer hands-on training workshops for practical experience of our software -using your own data.

                  Global Contacts

                  UK +44 1224 626622

                  USA +1 403 538 3194

                  CANADA +1 403 538 3194

                  AUSTRALIA +61 8 9278 2563



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