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                  Field data capture made easy

                  eForms - it's mpower on the move

                  electronic forms for field data capture

                  eForms is the next step for mpower. Using eForms can radically improve overall performance through mobile integration of field data capture, allowing mpower to work harder, faster and more accurately than ever before.

                   Download eForms data sheet

                  THE BACKGROUND

                  Just like any other software suite, mpower is only as good as the quality of the data uploaded. When information is recorded on paper in the field, to be entered in the system later, mistakes happen. And it takes time. That’s where eForms come in.

                  THE ANSWER

                  eForms replace paper by putting work orders, job cards, timesheets and hundreds of other data-recording documents, in digital form, on your mobile device. Instead of ink on paper, you input data with touch-screen technology on a tablet or phone.

                  You naturally save on paper, storage and handling. More important, it means the data goes into the system at the point of recording - on a rig, down a mine, in the midst of a gale or in a cosy office, it makes no difference. That cuts down on the possibility of error, and it also means the data is delivered directly into the system, so it can be shared and used immediately, by everyone in the organisation. And if you’re working offline, all data is saved so it can be uploaded at the next opportunity. eForms are the natural next step - another persuasive reason to choose mpower.

                  See the FEATURES and BENEFITS of eForms or find out more about mpower

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                  The high performance, fully integrated project cost management solution

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                  Cost Performance Dashboards

                  Cost Performance Dashboards

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                  Fast Facts

                  We offer hands-on training workshops for practical experience of our software -using your own data.

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