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                  Screen Gallery

                  mpower Screens

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                  Cost Performance Dashboards

                  • Overall Project

                    Overall Project

                  • Cost Performance

                    Cost Performance

                  • Schedule Performance

                    Schedule Performance

                  • Safety


                  • Time Admin

                    Time Admin

                  • Overall Project Dashboard

                    Overall Project Dashboard

                  • KPI Dashboard

                    KPI Dashboard

                  • PM Dashboard

                    PM Dashboard

                  • Progress Dashboard

                    Progress Dashboard

                  • Manhour Cost Dashboard

                    Manhour Cost Dashboard

                  Programme Management

                  • Budgets


                  • Budget Profile

                    Budget Profile

                  • Forecast Budget

                    Forecast Budget

                  • Cost Code Analysis

                    Cost Code Analysis

                  • EVMI


                  • Variation


                  • Variation Detail

                    Variation Detail

                  • YTD Budget Forecast

                    YTD Budget Forecast

                  Human Resources

                  • Employee


                  • Next of Kin

                    Next of Kin

                  • Pay Details

                    Pay Details

                  • Qualifications


                  • Training History

                    Training History

                  Job Cards / Work Packs

                  • Print Job Card

                    Print Job Card

                  • Create Estimates

                    Create Estimates

                  • Job Card Activity Transfer

                    Job Card Activity Transfer

                  • Job Card Input

                    Job Card Input

                  • Bill of Materials

                    Bill of Materials

                  • Job Card Bill of Materials

                    Job Card Bill of Materials

                  • NDT Request

                    NDT Request

                  • Fabrication Steps

                    Fabrication Steps

                  • Job Card Norms

                    Job Card Norms

                  • Norms Book

                    Norms Book

                  • Norms Chapter

                    Norms Chapter

                  • Norms Matrix

                    Norms Matrix


                  • Gantt Chart

                    Gantt Chart

                  • Network Diagram

                    Network Diagram

                  • Resource Histogram

                    Resource Histogram

                  • Resource Histogram

                    Resource Histogram

                  • Progress Entry

                    Progress Entry

                  • Qty Progress Entry

                    Qty Progress Entry

                  • Sch Progress Entry

                    Sch Progress Entry

                  Time and Expense

                  • Daily Timesheet

                    Daily Timesheet

                  • Weekly Timesheet

                    Weekly Timesheet

                  • Teams


                  • Timesheet Process

                    Timesheet Process

                  • Timesheet Status

                    Timesheet Status


                  • Purchase Order

                    Purchase Order

                  • PO Line Item

                    PO Line Item

                  • PO Receipts

                    PO Receipts

                  • Purchase Invoice

                    Purchase Invoice

                  • PI Line Item

                    PI Line Item

                  Sales Invoicing

                  • Sales Invoice

                    Sales Invoice

                  • Charge Rates

                    Charge Rates

                  • Invoice Generation

                    Invoice Generation


                  • Grouped Budget Summary

                    Grouped Budget Summary

                  • STO SUmmary

                    STO SUmmary

                  • Budget Forecast

                    Budget Forecast

                  • Budget Summary

                    Budget Summary

                  • Monthly Phasing

                    Monthly Phasing

                  • Progress S-Curve

                    Progress S-Curve


                  • Security


                  • Resources


                  • Terminology


                  • User Licensing

                    User Licensing

                  Fast Facts

                  Monitor was founded in Aberdeen in 1987. Since then we’ve worked with clients all over the world, largely in the oil and gas industry.

                  Global Contacts

                  UK +44 1224 626622

                  USA +1 403 538 3194

                  CANADA +1 403 538 3194

                  AUSTRALIA +61 8 9278 2563



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